Hub Hack: Add a Custom Banner on a Specific Stream


Use this Custom Code snippet to add a custom screen-width image (banner) to a stream. Can be useful for non-Marketing/Sales streams.


Hub Hacks are NOT official Uberflip features. They may not work on all Hubs, or may cause unexpected behavior. Before implementing a Hub Hack on a production Hub, we strongly recommending testing it in a safe environment (such as a staging Hub) if possible.

Uberflip Support is not able to help troubleshoot issues with Hub Hacks: if a Hub Hack is not working correctly in your Hub, Uberflip Support can only help you to disable it.


  • Type: CSS
  • Placement: Head



/*-- Custom Banner For Specific Streams – Replace the XXXX with the stream number --*/ .stream-XXXXX > header:after{ content:''; background-size:cover; display:block; width:100vw; min-height:280px; background-image:url(''); /*Change this to your image's URL*/ height:33vh; /*Set the height of your banner, you can use PX, VH, or % */ }


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