Hub Hack: Change Search Results Background Transparency


Use this Custom Code snippet to change how transparent the background of the search results screen appears.


Hub Hacks are NOT official Uberflip features. They may not work on all Hubs, or may cause unexpected behavior. Before implementing a Hub Hack on a production Hub, we strongly recommending testing it in a safe environment (such as a staging Hub) if possible.

Uberflip Support is not able to help troubleshoot issues with Hub Hacks: if a Hub Hack is not working correctly in your Hub, Uberflip Support can only help you to disable it.


  • Type: CSS
  • Placement: Head
  • Notes: By default, the background color on the search results screen is grey, with an opacity of 0.9 (slightly transparent). If you prefer no transparency, set the value to 1 (as in the snippet below). For more transparency, reduce the value towards 0 (the lower the value, the more transparent).



.search-results-backdrop {
opacity: 1 !important;
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