Get Started: Your Uberflip Account


Here's a quick overview of the main Uberflip interface, and what you can do in each section.



  • Create an amazing Hub that brings your content together in one engaging, easy-to-access experience. You can import your Flipbooks, blogs, videos and social media content using integration tools.
  • Create and place contextual Calls-To-Action (CTAs) which can be used to gather user information for use in Marketing Automation integrations and drive leads to your ultimate end point or through a conversion path.
  • Customize your Hub experience in many ways, ranging from Appearance and Branding, Menu configuration, Share and Chat tools, and various other 3rd party integrations.



  • Create share-able, track-able and dynamic Flipbook experiences. All you need is a standard PDF to start.
  • Customize your Flipbook reader! Choose colors, logos, background images and widgets to give your readers a unique experience
  • Enhance your Flipbook's pages with links, rich media embeds, Page Widgets and more!
  • Apply security access for your Flipbooks via our Remote Authentication tool.



  • Access a variety of Metrics tools for your Hubs and Flipbooks to measure user engagement with your content.
  • Utilize Content Score for your Hub to identify pieces of content that are performing well and which aren't so you can hone your content strategy and try to replicate those highly engaging Items.
  • Copy embeddable codes, such as html and javascript, which you can use to promote and distribute your publication.
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