What is a Primary User?



What is a Primary User? Is it the same as an Account Admin?



When your Uberflip account was opened, the very first user profile that was created within your account was automatically designated as the Primary User. If you're familiar with terms like Superuser, Superadmin or Account Owner from other tools, you can think of the Primary User as being the Uberflip equivalent.

The Primary User is special because they're the only user who can access certain parts of the Account Settings menu. No other type of user can access these settings, nor can they be given permission to access them — including users in the Account Administrators group.

The settings which only Primary Users can access are:

  • The Billing Details & Invoices section in the Account menu
  • The Services section, which covers custom domain settings
  • The Integration section, which covers the management of API Credentials, Connected Services and Custom Integrations
  • The Security section, which covers the management of account security policies and Single-Sign On (SSO) settings

While you can't switch Primary User status from one user profile to another, you can change who within your organization is assigned to the Primary User profile. For instructions on how to do that, please see this article.

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