Smart Filters using deleted tags are not running


What happened? 

We recently discovered that Smart Filters using tags that had been deleted from your account were still attempting to run. 

This wasn't a big deal for you. It just caused extra technical resources on our side to process all of those unnecessary filter attempts. This was a bug that's now been resolved.

In solving the bug, we had to turn off any Smart Filters using deleted tags. Any filter you have that uses one of those tags is currently not running. Action is required to fix the affected filters.


What did Uberflip do about it?

When we noticed the Smart Filters trying to run again and again without any success, we took a few steps to help correct the issue. 

Here’s what we did: 

  1. We switched all Smart Filters affected by this to run “On Demand”, so that they are no longer trying to continuously run without success
  2. We affixed “[Broken]” to the front of affect filter names, so you can easily find the ones that need attention
  3. We added steps to the tag deletion process to prevent this from happening again in the future 


How did this affect my account?

Any filter that’s been affected by this hasn’t been running recently. This means any content management it was set to do hasn’t happened.

Luckily, Smart Filters can still handle that for you once you’ve updated all the affected filters. When they’re up and running again, that backlog of maintenance work will take care of itself.

Read the next section to see how to update those filters. 


What do I need to do now?

Any filters that used a deleted tag are currently set to “On Demand”, so they’re not running automatically at this time. This is true even if a filter has multiple tags included. Those other included tags are not being actioned on as the entire filter is turned off. 

Note: To work with Smart Filters, you need to be a member of the Account Administrators or Content Managers user groups, or hold the relevant permissions under the Smart Filters parent permission.

Here’s how to fix the affected filters: 

  1. Head into Smart Filters in Uberflip (Sidebar > Smart Filters) 
  2. Find all of the Smart Filters with [Broken] affixed to the front of the filter name.


    [Broken] is a sortable and searchable part of the filter name now. If you have 4 or more filters, you can click Name at the top of the table to sort alphabetically. If you have 11 or more, a search bar will appear. These will make finding those filters easier.

  3. From here, there are two ways you may want to deal with broken filters: fix them or delete them.

    • Filters you want to keep:
        1. Hover over any filter you want to fix, then click the Edit (pencil) icon that appears in the row. A modal will open where you can review the filter, remove the deleted tag, and edit it in any way needed.


          The filter has been set to “On Demand”, so if you want it to start running automatically again, you’ll need to choose your preferred setting in this step.

        2. In section 3 of the modal (Settings), remove "[BROKEN]" from the filter title
        3. Click Save when done


    • Filters you no longer need:

      • Hover over it and click the trash icon

      • Click Delete Filter to confirm

That’s it. After you’ve completed those steps for all affected filters, they will run as intended again. 

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