Media: Crop images


In Media, you can quickly crop an image, then save it as a new asset or use it right away. Here’s how: 

Note: You can crop an image and save it for later from anywhere you use Media in Uberflip, or you can crop the image and insert it into your use case directly.

  1. In the Hubs area of Uberflip, click Media in the sidebar menu
    Or wherever you see an add/upload/insert image button in Uberflip, click that
  2. In the Media widget that opens, find the image and double-click it
  3. The image will open in the widget. From here you have 2 options:
    • Use a preset crop:
      Select a preset crop from the list and click Insert to use it in Uberflip.
    • Use a custom crop:
      1. Click Edit > Edit Image
      2. In the Aspect dropdown, choose a preset aspect ratio. Choose Custom if you want to adjust the width and height freely.

        Tip: You can also flip the image or rotate it from here as well.
      3. Choose to save the asset (overwrites the original file), save as a new asset, or insert it into your page without saving this version for later.

That’s it! Your cropped asset is ready to go.

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