Media: Upload and use images in Uberflip


Media is Uberflip’s dedicated media manager for uploading, editing, and inserting images into your pages, Hubs, and content. This article outlines how to use the Media widget for uploading images to your library and using them across Uberflip. 


Good to know

  • Media only supports image files (including GIFs) at this time 
  • The maximum file size for image uploads in the Media widget is 40MB (more than you should ever need!)
  • Media supports most image file types, such as JPEG, GIF, WEBP, PNG, and many more
  • Media automatically optimizes your images before serving them on your pages, Hubs, and blog posts. This means that some compression may occur to the file, but it’s unlikely you or your visitors would notice a difference. 


Upload images to the Media library


After you’ve uploaded an image to the Media widget, it will remain in your Media library and can be used again in places

Here’s how to upload images to your Media library:

  1. In the Hubs area of Uberflip, click Media in the sidebar menu.
    Or wherever you see an add/upload/insert image button in Uberflip, click that.
  2. The Media Library will open in a modal. Click Upload.
  3. The upload modal will open. Drag & drop images (or folders) into the modal.
    Or select a different upload method at the top of the modal and follow the prompts.

That’s it! Your images are now part of your Media library. From here you can crop and resize the image, or insert it into your page, Hub, or content.

Using images from Media in Uberflip

With images uploaded to your Media library, you can easily use them throughout Uberflip. 


Where can I use Media images

The images from your Media library can be used throughout Uberflip, in most places images are used (with a few exceptions). This includes your Hubs, the microsites you create in Pages, and content Items. 

Where can’t I use Media images?

Media images can’t be used in these few places. There you’ll be given a different way to upload images.

  • Hub favicon
  • Flipbooks
  • Your author bio avatar


How to use Media images in Uberflip

Using Media in Pages?

Check out the Pages specific Media guide.

  1. Wherever you see an add/upload/insert image button in Uberflip, click it 
  2. Your Media Library will open in a modal
  3. In the Media modal, select a single image to use (or upload a new one).


    Use the Advanced Search options in the Media widget to find images fast.

  4. Click Insert and your image will be placed

That’s it! Your image has been inserted in Uberflip.

Image not lining up as you hoped? Crop or resize the image in the Media widget before inserting it. Check out Media: Edit your images to see how.

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