Media: Image management in Uberflip explained


The internet is a very visual place, so it’s no surprise that you’ll be dealing with images a lot in Uberflip. Uberflip’s Media feature makes curating and using your images in Uberflip easy.


Good to know

  • All users in your Uberflip account are using and managing one Media library. Any changes and additions to the Media library can be seen and used by all users.  


Media at a glance

Media is an all-in-one image manager built into Uberflip. Upload images to Media to use across your pages, content, and Hubs.

Got a lot of images? Keep them organized using folders and collections built into the Media library. Need to adjust to an image for your current use case? In Media, you can.

By default, Media takes care of optimization for your images, so you don’t need to worry about that part. Media will automatically optimize the image delivery to your page, Hub, or content visitor. 

Media ensures the image is served up at high quality while being optimized for fast loading. 


What can I do with Media?

  • Upload and store images 
  • Organize and tag images for easy access
  • Crop and resize images (and more basic editing)
  • Insert your images into your pages, Hubs, and blog posts


Where can I use Media in Uberflip?

Most places (with a few exceptions). Media allows you to use all of your images across your pages, Hubs, blog posts, and more. You can reuse your images over and over again, optimized for each use case.

When you see a button for choosing or adding an image in Uberflip, that button will launch the Media library, so you can choose an existing image or upload a new one. 

You can also access Media from the sidebar menu of the Hubs management area at anytime to manage your Media Library (Hubs [topbar] > choose a Hub > sidebar menu > Media).


How do I get started?!

Check out these Media article to learn everything you need to know about Media: 

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