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Got a fresh thought you want to put out into the world? Time to craft a new blog post. This is easily done in the Item editor! This article will show you how to craft a new blog post from scratch. 


Before you begin

  • To create Blog Streams, you’ll need Account Admin or Content Manager permissions
  • To write a new blog post, you must first create a blog Stream to house your blog


Accessing the Item editor

The Item editor can be found in a blog Stream editor page. Here’s how to find it:


You’ll need a blog Stream in place to create blog posts. If needed, check out Create a Blog Stream to see how that’s done.

  1. Click Content in the sidebar menu
  2. In the Streams tab, find the blog Stream you want to write a post
    Note: If you don’t have one already, you’ll need to create a new blog Stream
  3. Click into the blog Stream to open the Stream editor
  4. In the Items tab, click the tile with a + icon that is shown in the first Item spot
  5. Enter a blog post title (this can be changed later) and click Create

That’s it! You’re now in the Item editor. Read on to learn the basics of the Item editor so you can start crafting your post. 


Item editor basics

Here are the basic features of the Item editor that you can use to craft your next blog post. 


Rich text editor 

Uberflip’s blog editor includes a rich text editor, similar to the ones you’d find in any text editor (like Google Docs and Word)

Depending on the size of your screen, more or less rich text will be shown in the toolbar. You can click the more menu (three dot icon •••) to see all rich text tools. 


Insert stuff (other than text)

The blog editor allows you to easily insert useful web elements into your blog post, including: 

  • Media images (with captions)
  • Links
  • Videos (and embeddable presentations, like Google Slides)
  • Code samples
  • Tables
  • Special characters
  • Horizontal lines
  • Anchors

Click the corresponding icon in the toolbar to add these. If you don’t know the icons, you can find a labeled list by clicking Insert.


Edit the source code

Want deeper technical customization of your blog post? Looking to embed a code snippet to bring some cool tech into the post? You can! 

To open the code editor, click View > Source Code.


Publish your post

When you're done creating your new blog post, it'll be saved as a draft automatically. Click Publish to set it live right away. 

Or, schedule the post to publish at a later date

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