Uberflip Pages: Choose how visitors view Items from your page


Uberflip Pages offers two ways for your visitors to consume the Items placed in a page: 

  • Lightbox: A smaller, highlighted window opened over the page 
  • New tab: Opens the Item page from your Hub in a new tab

This article outlines the difference and how to choose which option a visitor receives. 


Open Items in a lightbox vs. a new tab

When your visitors open an Item from any microsite you’ve created in Pages, there are two ways they can view the Item content. How they see the Item is specified by you in the page builder. 

These 2 options are: 

New tab (default): 

This option takes the visitor to the Item page that exists in your Hub. Opening in a new tab means the page you built is left open, so your visitors can easily return to it when they’re done consuming that content. 

This option is selected by default when any Tile Grid or Item component is added to a page.


This option opens the Item in a smaller, focused window, overlaying your page. With this option, the visitor never has to leave the page or the experience you’ve created for them. 

When using the Lightbox option with a Tile Grid component, the other Items in that Stream that appear on the page are shown in a carousel style layout. This allows visitors to easily skip to the next or previous Item.


Change the Item view option in the page builder

Note: When any Tile Grid or Item component is added, it’ll be set to the “New tab” option by default. 

  1. Open the page in the page builder 
  2. Select (or add) the Tile Grid or Item component you want to set
  3. In the properties panel, see the Open in field in the General section
  4. Click the Open in dropdown field 
  5. Select New tab or Lightbox

That’s it! Your setting will save automatically. When the page is published, a user will see Items in the view option you’ve chosen for them (the visitor cannot change the view option themselves).

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