Scheduled Tasks explained


With Scheduled Tasks, you can choose a date and time to show or hide Items, CTAs, and Streams. Want to add or remove tags on a schedule? It can do that too. Or maybe you want to change the featured Item in a Stream? Scheduled Tasks can do all of that. 

This article outlines which actions you can schedule and how it's done.

Want to schedule a blog post?

Scheduled Tasks can be used to show or hide an already published blog post, but it can't publish a new post. That said, blog publishing can be scheduled in the blog editor. Check out Schedule a blog post to be published in the future to see how.


Good to know

  • Only users with Account Admin or Content Manager permissions can schedule tasks
  • Scheduled Tasks works with CTAs, Streams, and Items only
  • Microsite made with Uberflip Pages can not be scheduled 


What tasks (actions) can be scheduled?

You can schedule tasks for CTAs, Items, and Streams, each having their own set of actions you can schedule. This table outlines the actions possible for each: 

Streams Items CTAs


Show a Stream that is currently hidden.


Show an Item that is currently hidden 


Show a CTA that is currently hidden. 


Hide a Stream that is currently shown.


Hide an Item that is currently shown


Hide a CTA that is currently shown.

Add Tag

Add specific tags to all Items in this Stream.

Note: Tags must already exist in your Uberflip account.


Feature this Item as a 2 x 2 sized tile in the first spot of the Stream.


Remove Tags

Remove specific tags from all Items in this Stream.


If the Item is currency featured, unfeature it, removing it from the top spot.


Add Tags

Add certain tags to this Item.

Note: Tags must already exist in your Uberflip account.


Remove Tags

Remove specific tags from this Item.



Schedule a task

This section shows you how to schedule a task for the future.

  1. Click Scheduled Tasks in the sidebar menu
  2. Click + Schedule a Task
  3. A modal will open. Choose what you want to schedule an action for: CTA, Item, or Stream
  4. Choose the CTA, Item, or Stream you want to schedule an action for
    Note: For Items, you’ll choose the Stream the Item is in first, then the Item.
  5. Choose an action you want to schedule. Items, CTAs, and Streams have different actions available. See What actions can be scheduled? for action details.
  6. Choose a date and time for your action to take place using the date selector and time sliders
  7. Click Save


No success message is shown when a task is saved. And you must refresh the page to see your task in the task list.

That’s it! Your task is scheduled and will run at your specified time. 

You can edit a task anytime before it runs by clicking the pencil icon in the task list. Or delete it by clicking the trash icon to prevent it from running at all.

After the task is completed, it’ll be removed from the task list. A completed task can’t be “undone”, but you can run another task to reverse those changes if needed.


Other ways to launch the task scheduler 

Sometimes you may want to schedule a task while creating or editing your CTA, Stream, or Item. That’s why you can also launch the task scheduler from the editing pages for those assets.

Here are the other ways to launch Scheduled Tasks:  

The CTA editor

Click Schedule in the CTA editor to schedule a task for the CTA you’re working on. 

The Stream editor 

In the Stream editor, Click the “more” menu (three dot icons), then click Schedule to schedule a task for that Stream.

The Item editor

Click the “more” menu (three lines icon), then click Schedule to schedule a task for that Item from the Item editor.

You can also launch the Item task scheduler from the Stream editor page. Hover over the Item in a Stream, click the 4 vertical line icon, then click Schedule.

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