The Image Migrator app is being retired [2024]


What is happening?

Uberflip is retiring the Image Migrator app (found in the Uberflip Marketplace). 

In 2024, a new Media feature will be launched that will replace the functionality of Image Migrator. At that time, Image Migrator will be shut down for all users.

More information on this transition will come as the platform-wide launch of Media gets closer.


Why is this happening? 

Uberflip is transitioning to a new image management system. As Image Migrator was built around the old image management system, it will no longer be useful or functional once that transition is made. 

The new Media feature made its initial debut in Pages on Nov 1st, 2023, and will be rolled out in the greater Uberflip platform in 2024. This feature will replace the functionalities of Image Manager.


What will happen to media I’ve already imported

Your current media library won’t be deleted or lost. It will be preserved so that none of your current Stream or Hub pages are affected by this change.  

More information on the transition to the new Media feature will come as we get closer to the platform-wide launch.


I’m an Image Migrator user, what will I do moving forward?

Uberflip’s new Media feature will have capabilities baked in to help you import content. We expect this to be a better experience than the Image Migrator app.

You can see the new Media feature in Pages now. This will be rolled out into the rest of the Uberflip platform in 2024. 

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