Sales Assist + Salesforce: Set up the Sales Assist app in Salesforce as an admin


Sales Assist works best when integrated into your current sales workflows. And since so many of our users are working in (SFDC) daily, we want to meet your team where they’re at. 

This article outlines how a Salesforce admin can install the Sales Assist for SFDC app, and how to get set up.


1. Install the Sales Assist app package in SFDC

The Sales Assist for SFDC app is a private listing that can be found here, in the Salesforce AppExchange.

As a Salesforce admin user, you can download the app and install it in your Salesforce account. Check out this Salesforce article on installing apps to see how it’s done.

Note: Sales Assist can be installed in a Salesforce sandbox environment for testing, and your main production environment when you're ready to launch it for your team.

The app installation package contains 3 different Visualforce pages, one for each place you may want to install the app. This includes: 

  • Account page
  • Contact page
  • Opportunity page

On each of these pages, you can choose to add the app as a widget on the page, or as a custom tab, whichever works best for your team's workflows. 


2. Connect Salesforce to Uberflip

If you haven’t already, now is the time to connect your Salesforce account to your Uberflip account. While you can still use the Sales Assist app in SFDC without this, Sales Assist won’t be able to auto-fill all of the Salesforce IDs without it. 

To see how to connect Uberflip and Salesforce, check out: Set up a Salesforce integration


3. Choose your Salesforce settings in Sales Assist

In Sales Assist, you have 3 settings options to control your team’s experience, and the information passed from SFDC into the Sales Assist widget. 

To access these settings and get set up, go into Sales Assist in Uberflip, then click Admin > Settings > Salesforce tab.

The settings you can set up include:

  • Enable Salesforce Fields
    This setting turns the Account and Opportunity ID fields in Sales Assist on or off. When on, these fields will appear in a Salesforce tab on the Manage Room page in Sales Assist.
  • Require Fields
    This setting makes the Salesforce Fields (controlled by the Enable Salesforce Fields toggle) mandatory when a DSR is created in the Sales Assist SFDC app. These fields will fill automatically when using Sales Assist in Salesforce if the API Lookups are enabled.
  • Use API Lookups
    The API lookup allows Sales Assist to grab the Opportunity IDs from Salesforce. To leverage API lookups, you must connect the Salesforce integration in Uberflip. If this is turned off, the Opportunity ID will need to be entered manually.

That’s it! Your Salesforce + Sales Assist integration is ready to go. To see how to use it, check out: Sales Assist + Salesforce: Using the Sales Assist app in SFDC. Send that article to your team so they can start using it too!

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