Uberflip Pages explained


Uberflip Pages is a tool for creating and managing specialized marketing pages at scale. These pages can be personalized and tailored to any audience or prospect, and contain hand-picked, relevant content. With Uberflip Pages, you create a content experience designed to control and speed up the buyer journey.

This article will outline the basics of what Uberflip’s Pages feature is and does.

Don't see Pages in your account yet?

Pages started rolling out in August 2023, but is not available in all accounts just yet. To ensure a smooth onboarding for all accounts, Pages is being rolled out slowly throughout the rest of 2023.

We understand that some users are keen to get their hands on this new feature. If you have any questions about the rollout, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or Uberflip Support to discuss.  

Browser restriction

In its initial release, Pages is only officially supported in the latest version of Chrome. Using other browsers at this time may result in a poor user experience. Further browser support will be added soon.


What is Pages?

Uberflip Pages is an all-in-one page builder and page management tool, used to create marketing pages (sometimes called landing or entry pages) for any audience or prospect. These pages can be filled with relevant content from your Uberflip account.

In Pages, you’ll find the page management area and a page builder for designing your pages. 

With the page builder, drag & drop sections and components allow you to build with a few clicks, populate with relevant content, and publish–all without the need for a web designer or any coding skills.


What can be added to a page?

Pages allows you to add all the basic elements found on any webpage, customize those elements, then fill the page with relevant content. You’ll create personalized destinations where your prospects find relevant content without distraction. All of this makes for a focused and controlled buyer journey.

Basic page components include: 

  • Text blocks
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Containers

Content and engagement components from Uberflip include: 


How customizable are pages?

Very! Every page element can be customized to your brand, or personalized to your prospect.

You’ll see a list of customizable settings in the page builder for each element when you add or click on it. You can change colors, fonts, padding, radius, alignment, and much much more.


Who can use the page builder?

Everyone! Marketers, Sales reps, CSM, etc. With our drag & drop page builder, you can drop components onto the page, and customize them using various setting controls–no web design background needed. Then when you're ready, publish right from within the page builder as well. 


How do I start creating pages?

To learn how to build a page, check out: ​​Uberflip Pages: Create a new page

Or, head to the Uberflip Academy to watch the Pages demo video.

If you're unfamiliar with page building tools like Pages, check out Uberflip Pages: Get to know the page builder UI to learn about the Pages UI and how to navigate it.

Don’t be afraid to spin up a test page and play around. It won’t take long to learn the ropes!

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