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One of the core advantages of Uberflip is the ability to centralize and organize your content. With your content all in one place, you can create curated collections for use in all of your marketing and sales pages. And Items can be part of as many collections as needed, so your multipurpose content can be used again and again.


You have a bunch of content about how the manufacturing industry can use your product. You have some public YouTube videos, some videos in Wistia, some PDFs, and a few blog posts. 

When creating pages in Uberflip, you don’t want to have to find all of the individual Items each time, so you make a collection containing all that related content. Now that collection is easily added to any page that targets the manufacturing industry.


Before you begin

  • To create collections, you must be a member of the Sales Reps, Account Administrators, or Content Managers user groups.
  • Missing content? If there content you want to centralize in your Uberflip account that isn't already there, check out Import content into Uberflip


Create a new collection

To create a content collection, we'll use Uberflip's Marketing Stream feature. Follow these steps to create a collection you can use again and again in your marketing pages.

  1. In Uberflip, head to the Content page from the sidebar menu
  2. In the Streams tab, click New Stream
  3. The Add a Stream modal will open. Click the Marketing icon in the Curated Streams list
  4. Fill out the details of your collection, which includes: 
    • Internal Stream Name (optional)
      A name for your collection that won't be shown publicly. It's just for you and your team.
    • Stream Page Title (required)
      A title for your collection. This will appear at the top of the Stream page that's generated, but not on any landing pages you create with Uberflip Pages.
    • Stream Page Description (optional)
      A brief description of the collection. When using Marketing Stream pages or DSRs, you can use this field to personalize your Stream and include a brief message to your prospect.
    • Stream Purpose (required)
      Choose a purpose for this collection. This won't be shown to your prospect.
  5. When ready, click Create 
  6. Your collection has been created, and you'll see the Stream editor page. Here you can add content Items to it. Click Add Items to begin
  7. A modal will open. Here you can choose which Items you want to include. All Items in your Hub(s) will be shown. Using the dropdown filters and search field, find and select the Items you want to add. 
  8. When you've selected all the Items you want, click Add

That's it! You'll be returned to the Stream view, where the content Items you added will now be shown

Tip: Content will display in the order shown here when used in a page. To reorder Items, simply drag & drop the content tiles into the desired order.


Duplicate a collection

When you duplicate a collection, your new collection will be pre-populated with the content from the Stream/collection you copied. From there, you can simply add or remove content to customize it.

  1. In Uberflip, head to the Content page from the sidebar menu
  2. In the Streams tab, find the collection/Stream you want to copy and click it
  3. In the Stream editor page that opens, click on the three-dot "meatball" menu in the top right. Then click Copy to Another Marketing Stream. 
  4. In the modal that appears, fill out the details of your collection, just like you would for a new Stream/collection
  5. When done, click Copy
  6. Your collection will be created with all of the Items from the original. From here, add or remove Items as needed.

That’s it! Your new collection is ready to go.

Want to learn the best way to get that collection in front of your audience or prospect? Check out Uberflip Pages: Create and edit a page.

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