Embed web content in Uberflip blog posts


Documents, videos, maps, and more, can often be embedded all over the web these days. Have embeddable content you want to embed in an Uberflip blog post? This article will show you how.


Place an embed code into an Uberflip blog post

  1. Log in to Uberflip and navigate to the Hub you want to work with.
  2. In the Content section, find the Blog Stream Item where you want to embed the social content (or create a new Item).
  3. Open the Item so that you are viewing it in Edit Article mode.
  4. In the article editor toolbar, click on the Source button:
  5. Find the place in the article where you want the social content to appear, and simply paste in the embed code:
  6. Click on the Source button again to exit source code mode, and you should see that an IFRAME placeholder (or, in some cases, a preview of the content) now appears where you placed the embed code:
  7. Click on Publish when you're ready, and the embedded element will appear where the iframe placeholder/preview is when the blog post is viewed on your Hub.
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