5 Uberflip features that are being retired (Nov. 1st, 2023)


This article outlines 5 Uberflip feature that are going away. 

On November 1st 2023, Uberflip will retire the following features:

Click the items in the list above for details on each feature being retired. Those articles include details like why these changes are happening, what may be needed from you, and alternative Uberflip features you can use instead.

End of maintenance

While these features will be available until Nov 1st, maintenance for these features will end on Aug. 1st, 2023. This means there will be no further development or bug fixes after that date.  

We appreciate your flexibility as we continue to innovate and make changes at Uberflip. If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager, or Uberflip Support.

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