SlideShare Streams are being retired [Nov. 2023]


What's happening?

On Nov. 1st, 2023, Uberflip will retire the ability to create new SlideShare Streams. 

Any existing SlideShare Streams will remain connected and functional in your Uberflip account.

Note: Maintenance for SlideShare Streams will end on Aug 1st, 2023, meaning no more development or bug fixes will happen after this date.


Why is this happening? 

In recent years, SlideShare has become less popular with Uberflip users for sharing slideshows. Many Uberflip users now opt to upload PDF versions of their slideshows as Flipbooks, or embed Google Slides into Uberflip blog posts.

As we innovate, we want to focus on tools our users are excited about and get a lot of value from. For this reason, we’ve decided to retire SlideShare Streams so we can focus on expanding Uberflip’s capabilities in other ways.


What will happen to my existing SlideShare Streams?

Nothing! Any SlideShare Streams that are already connected in your Hub will not change. They will stay in your Hub and continue to bring in new slideshows you add in SlideShare. 

That said, if the connection to SlideShare is broken or lost, you won’t have any way to re-add the Stream. 


How can I add slideshows to my content experiences now?

Option 1: 

Upload PDF versions of your slideshows into our Flipbooks tool. Then add the folder with those slideshows as a Flipbook Stream in your Hub. 

With Flipbooks, you can upload a PDF to be displayed in our dedicated Flipbook viewer. And expand the slideshow further with interactive elements like links, videos, embed components, and more.

Learn more about what you can do with Flipbooks in: Get started with the Flipbook Page Editor

Option 2: 

Embed web based slideshows (like Google Slides, or PowerPoint for the web) into Uberflip blog posts. With this option, If the slideshow is updated at the source, it will be update wherever it's embedded.

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