iFrame Embed is being retired [Nov. 2023]


What is happening?

On Nov. 1st, 2023, Uberflip will retire the iFrame Embed feature. 

The iFrame Embed page will no longer be available after that date, and will be removed from the sidebar navigation in Uberflip (sidebar menu > Website tools > iFrame embed).

Note: Maintenance for iFrame Embed will end on Aug 1st, 2023, meaning no more development or bug fixes will happen after this date.


Why is this happening? 

In recent years, iframing on the web has lost popularity. Innovations in web technology that allow for better tracking and security than iframes offer are largely responsible for this shift. 

iFrame Embed has fallen out of popularity among Uberflip users for those same reasons. And Uberflip features like Site Engager, and the upcoming Pages feature (Summer 2023) provide better ways to get content in front of your audiences. 

For this reason we’ve decided to retire this feature so we can focus on innovating and upgrading our more popular and versatile content experience tools. 


What will happen to my current iFrame Hub embeds?

If you already have Hub(s) iframed into other sites, no need to worry, those iframes will continue to function as they do now after Nov. 1st, 2023. You just won’t be able to create any new embeds after that date. 

Your Hub’s iFrame Embed code can’t be altered or re-generated after Nov. 1st, 2023. So if you remove the embedded Hub from a site, and don’t have the code snippet saved outside of Uberflip, you won’t be able to regenerate an embed code for that Hub. The embed will be lost. 

Long-term, we suggest planning a switch to a different feature for displaying content outside of your Hubs. Check out these options in Uberflip: 


How will I embed content now?

Check out these other Uberflip features that allow you to embed content on external sites: 

Or, use a custom domain for your Hub, so your visitors can find your content on a branded URL.

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