Hubs Lab is being retired [Nov. 2023]


What's happening?

On November 1st, 2023, Uberflip will retire Hubs Lab.

The Hubs Lab page will be removed from Uberflip at that time (Sidebar menu > Appearance > Hubs Lab).

Of the 8 functionalities available on that page page, 3 will be moved to the Advanced Hub Options page, and 5 will be fully retired. More on this below. 

Note: Maintenance for Hubs Lab features will end on Aug 1st, 2023, meaning no more development or bug fixes will happen after this date.


Why is this happening? 

Hubs Lab was created as a place to experiment with new features that weren’t quite ready for full implementation. It was a playground to see how our users felt about our product ideas before building full feature sets. 

But as we’ve grown, we developed other, now established ways of testing and validating new ideas. 

Many features in the Hubs Labs initiative went on to become part of the product in other ways; some became default functionality; and some have become obsolete or redundant.

For this reason, we’ve decided to end the Hubs Lab program, and remove the Hubs Lab page from the app. This will clean up the navigation, and allow us to focus on other areas. 


Which functionalities within Hubs Lab will be retired?

5 Hubs Lab functionalities will be officially retired on Nov. 1st, 2023. These features are largely obsolete and not widely used. 

The functionalities being retired are: 

  • Sticky Footer 
  • Hide banner on iframe embed
  • Dark Theme
  • Permanent (and shorter) Hero
  • Always Display Top Banner


What happens to Hubs using retired Hubs Lab functionalities?

When these functionalities are retired, the functionality setting chosen (on or off) as of Nov. 1st, 2023, will become permanent in your Hub, as there will be no control to turn it on or off anymore.


If you’re using any of the functionalities being retired, ensure you’re happy with the chosen settings before Nov 1st, 2023.

Setting turned on as of Nov. 1st will become permanent in your Hub, and settings turned off will become unavailable.


Which functionalities will remain, and where will I find them?

3 Hubs Labs settings will move to the Advanced Hub Options page (Sidebar menu > Hub Options > Advanced). After Nov. 1st 2023, you can find these settings there: 

  • Next Item Flyout
  • Highlight first Item
  • Remove Hero
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