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Ready to take your analytics to the next level with Uberflip Enrichment for Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)? Learn the basics so you can get started.

Who is this guide for?

Anyone looking to enrich their Uberflip Analytics and fill in the gaps in their data. We'll help you understand the benefits of enriching your data and guide you through the necessary steps to get things up and running.


What is Uberflip Enrichment

Uberflip Enrichment is an integration that imports company and contact information from your Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) into Uberflip Analytics. 

Accounts with Enrichment include extra filters and dashboards within Analytics that allow them to drill deeper into specific accounts' or contacts' engagement metrics.

Note: Uberflip Enrichment is currently only available for Eloqua and Marketo. 

Why Uberflip Enrichment matters

Uberflip Enrichment not only tells you what content your audience is consuming, but who is consuming it. This means you can make data-driven decisions based on the most detailed audience and content data we offer.

Before you begin

MAP Enrichment is a paid add-on to your Uberflip account. If you have not already purchased this feature, get in touch with your Uberflip account manager today. 


Account setup

Setting up your MAP integration

To access either Eloqua or Marketo Enrichment, you need to set up the integration first. Navigate to Account Settings > Integration > Enrichment > MAP and refer to one of these articles to finish your setup: 

Set Up an Oracle Eloqua Integration

Set Up a Marketo Integration

Setting up user permissions

Users need both Analytics and Enrichment permissions to access Enriched Analytics. You can confirm your users’ permissions within Account Settings > Organization > Users. 

Updating User Permissions


Understanding your dashboards

Uberflip Enrichment includes two new dashboards within your Uberflip Analytics - Contacts and Companies. These dashboards provide engagement data for known contacts or accounts you have in your MAP. 

Note: With Enrichment is enabled, a Form CTA is no longer required for visitors to be identified within UF. 

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Companies dashboard

Screen_Shot_2023-02-02_at_2.11.03_PM.pngThis dashboard shows engagement data for the accounts in your MAP and includes:

  • Known companies: Companies found within your MAP

  • Sessions: Total # of sessions per day

  • Industry: Top eight industries visiting companies identified as in your MAP

  • Number of employees: Size of known companies based on employee headcount

  • Annual revenue: Size of known companies based on annual revenue

Use your Companies dashboard when you want to:

  • See the types of industries interested in your content

  • Start targeting specific company sizes for upcoming campaigns

  • Create content streams for lookalike audiences

  • Understand trends across most engaged industries to optimize content and campaigns


Single Company view

Screen_Shot_2023-02-02_at_2.22.30_PM.pngUse Single Company view to drill into a single company and review more granular data like: 

  • Company Details 

  • Leads / Contacts 

  • Items Viewed 

  • Sessions

  • Leads / Contacts

Use your Single Company view when you want to understand:

  • How you can better target a specific company

    • What type of content they are most interested in 

    • The content they’ve engaged with

    • How far they’ve scrolled 

  • Where they are in their journey and how you should connect with them next 


Contacts dashboard


The Contacts dashboard provides insight into who has visited your page and what content they are engaging with while there. This dashboard includes: 

  • Known Contacts: Known contact found in MAP

  • Common Job Titles: The most common job titles of the known contacts engaging with your content

  • Contact Status: The current status of the contacts engaging with your content

  • Lead Score: The scores of known leads engaging with your content, according to MAP

  • Views by Known Contacts: Views per day by known contacts

  • Contact Details: A list of individual companies and their respective details, such as size, revenue, etc.

Use your Contact dashboard when you want to understand:

  • Who specifically is looking at your content

  • Which c-suite level contacts are engaging with your content

  • If users you considered “dead” are re-engaging with content

  • Visitor or engagement tends, like on what days your site or content performs best

  • The size of the companies most engaged so you can plan future, relevant content


Single Contact view 


See a granular view of an individual's activity using Single Contact view, including: 

  • Contact Details 

  • Company Details 

  • Company Analytics IDs

  • Sessions 

  • Items Viewed 

  • Session Details 

  • Form CTA Interactions

  • Link CTA Interactions

This is helpful when you are: 

  • Looking to build a user consumption strategy

  • Talking with prospects by crafting timely and relevant outreach using real-time engagement data

  • Wanting to understand what compels a contact to convert

  • Wanting to know how frequently users are engaging with content and for how long

  • Looking for historical conversion and engagement of your contact


Available actions

Explore from here

Explore allows you to take Uberflip dashboards to the next level by adding additional fields or columns. This is an Enterprise only feature.


Enable reports to be sent to a specific list of recipients on a recurring basis.


Export data to want to save or share.


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