Archive a Stream


Don't need that Stream anymore? Marketing, Sales, and Source Streams can all be archived in Uberflip. This article will show you how.


A Stream can be archived, but cannot be deleted permanently. You can recover a Stream at any time.


What happens to an archived Stream?

When a Stream is archived, it is:

  • Removed from all other Streams and your Hub
  • No longer viewable (internally or externally)
  • Removed from the Content and Stream management pages in Uberflip
  • Recoverable at anytime (some settings may be lost)

Items in a Source Stream will also be archived when the Source Stream is archived.

Items in a Sales or Marketing Stream will still be available via their Source Stream, when the Sales/Marketing Stream is archived.


Archive a Stream

Archive any Stream (Marketing, Sales, or Source) with these steps: 

  1. Select Content in the Uberflip sidebar menu
  2. Now in the Streams Tab, find the Stream you want to archive and select it
  3. Click the kebab menu icon (3 horizontal dots)
  4. Select Archive Stream in the menu that opens
  5. A confirmation modal will open. Review how archiving will affect that Stream (and its Items)
  6. Click Archive Stream

That’s it! Your Stream will be archived and you’ll be returned to the Content page. 

Want to recover a Stream you’ve archived?

Check out: Recover Deleted Items and Archived Streams

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