Analytics Enrichment features explained


What are Uberflip’s Enrichment features?

Uberflip Analytics (UFA) is designed to help you measure the performance of content experiences you build in Uberflip.

But when capturing UFA data, Uberflip has limits to what we can see. Knowing who and where your traffic is coming from is incredibly useful (for both marketing and sales teams). This is where Uberflip's suite of Enrichment features come in.

Data enrichment is adding supplementary data to an existing data set, to fill in missing/unknown data points. This allows you to expand on the insights you can draw, and actions you can take, from that data. This is exactly what Uberflip Enrichment tools do for you.

Enrichment pulls in contact information from your MAP, or a firmographic database, to tie the numbers to companies and names. With that info, you can target the right prospects at the right time.


Types of Enrichment tools

There are 2 types of Enrichment tools in Uberflip:

  1. Firmographic data enrichment  
  2. Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) data enrichment


Firmographic data is third-party data on companies and their contacts, based on IP. The third-party gathers this data over time and stores it in their database. 

With Enrichment, you can tap into this database, and supplement your UFA data with it. This allows you to find out who's viewing your content, even when they’re not known in your MAP.

Knowing who’s showing interest gives you a chance to act. 


MAP Enrichment pulls contact info straight from your MAP. That way you can attribute the numbers in UFA to the contacts and accounts you already know.


Uberflip’s Enrichment features 

Uberflip currently offers 2 Enrichment features: 

Marketo Enrichment

Marketo Enrichment allows you to import company and contact information from Marketo directly into Uberflip Analytics.

Then, dashboards in Uberflip Analytics will allow you to see what content is being viewed and by which known contact or organization.

It also allows marketers to infer similar organizations and industries that may be interested in that kind of content.

Learn more about Marketo Enrichment

6sense Enrichment 

6sense Enrichment takes firmographic data from 6sense and combines it with your Uberflip Analytics data. This allows you to see what companies and industries are engaging with your content, even if they aren’t already known in your MAP.

Learn more about 6sense Enrichment

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